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Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd., build a reference brand for The standard of Chinese gas-liquid booster products.

Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd. has always been committed to building leading brands in the industry of air pressure, oil pressure, and air-to-oil pressure conversion industries. “RTO” has built a reference brand for the standard of Chinese gas-liquid booster products.

Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 as a company integrates professional R&D, production, sales and service in the air pressure, oil pressure, and air/oil pressure conversion industries. Its products include boosting cylinders, superchargers, Pressurized press, gas-liquid supercharger, multi-power cylinder, whole system, gas pressure booster valve and other related mechanical hardware accessories.

“RTO” brand products are sold all over China and exported to Singapore, India, Spain, the United States, France and many other countries. They are the designated suppliers of many well-known companies in the automotive industry, machinery hardware, and automatic production equipment. They have rich customization experiences, can instantly provide customers with complete support services

After years of development, Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd. initially achieved the company’s overall industrial layout in Jiangsu, and further consolidated the leading position of Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd. and “RTO” brand in the industry.

In order to achieve all-round development of the company and at the same time, in order to combat counterfeit products, Kunshan Youjiaxin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. created its own trademark “RTO”: the middle gear symbolizes its professional and accurate product research and development quality and practical service style; the overall style, simple and smooth, the perfect combination of dynamic and static machinery is very characteristic.

In addition, Kunshan Youjiaxin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has many years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the of air/oil pressure conversion, enabling products to achieve diversification, long life, high precision, large output, small size, and no oil leakage. , deeply welcomed and trusted by customers.

The company is located in Room 3, No. 168 Xinjian Road, Bacheng Town, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, with a plant area of 2,800 square meters and currently several hundred employees. The processing equipment includes CNC machining center, turning and milling compound, CNC lathe, electric spark wire cutting and ordinary car, milling, Grinding and boring machines are readily available, and equipped with automatic three-coordinates, projectors, laser marking machines and other testing auxiliary equipments; the factory carries out total quality management according to the ISO9001 (2009 upgraded version of the quality management system).

As the business continues to grow, Kunshan Youjiaxin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to expand its production capacity and new product lines, and is expected to double its turnover in 2020, and then grow at a high compound growth rate each year.

In terms of services, Kunshan Youjiaxin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. always adheres to the concept of “providing the highest quality and best service to our customers” and strictly requires its own development. In the next few years, the company will continue to move forward, firmly solidify the core foundation, continue to break through, innovate and develop, develop more competitive products, and bring better services to our customers. Thank you all for your continued support and trust in the “RTO” brand.




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