Elements that Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co. Ltd. Focus while designing a High-Speed Boosting Cylinder

Calculating the accurate speed of an air cylinder is very difficult, but without calculating the accurate speed, a proper high speed boosting cylinder cannot be manufactured. You cannot specifically say that there is only one factor that affects the design of a high speed boosting cylinders. There are various factors and keeping them in mind is very important. Below mentioned are some of the aspects which Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co. Ltd. keeps in consideration while designing the high speed boosting cylinder.

Cylinder type

The construction of the cylinders is almost similar to each other, i.e. it is based on a sealed tube which contains a rod attached to the piston which extends through an opening in the end. If you want to avoid high system pressure, then pneumatic cylinder designs must be used. It is also advised to use large cylinders for heavy and fast moving loads. The choice is between a single and a double acting version. In the single acting cylinder, Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co. Ltd. uses the compressed air which is used to move the load in one direction, for example lifting an object. A double acting cylinder uses the compressed air in order to move the rod in both the directions and helps in the movement of load, for example, opening and closing of a gate.

Load and speed

While manufacturing the specific type of the cylinder, load and speed are the primary considerations. While manufacturing, we always check the available force which can be obtained by the Piston area multiplied by the air pressure in the cylinder. It is generally advised to choose a cylinder which provides a force 25% greater than the load as it helps in compensating for the friction and energy losses. But making use of the components, which are very big add ups, increases the unnecessary cost, and they must be avoided.


The functions of the valves are to control the routing and switching off the air in a pneumatic system. Valves also direct the flow of the exhausted air. There are many types of valves that are available for a pneumatic system, but choosing the appropriate valve is the rime consideration of Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co. Ltd. Matching the cylinder and the valves very important because if the valve is small then the cylinder will not move properly. As the load increases, it increases the airflow and this can be handled by a valve with higher flow capacity.

Improving cycle time

Positive sensors, such as simple switches, are used in the high speed boosting cylinder. They help in detecting the position of the piston as a cylinder approaches the end of the stroke.

The above mentioned are some of the factors that Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co. Ltd. considers while making a high speed boosting cylinder. If any one of these things is neglected, then it can destroy the whole cylinder and it would not work properly. Choosing the right materials for the development of the high speed boosting cylinder is very important as the quality of the cylinder should not be compromised and the material must be used according to the size of the cylinder.

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