Factors influencing the High-Speed Boosting Cylinders

High-speed boosting cylinders and factors associated with the performance can be divided into two separate parts. To fully understand the role of different factors in high-speed cylinders we will briefly explain each factor of the process.

  1. Factors that should be kept in mind while designing and manufacturing a cylinder
  2. Possible changes that can be made in cylinders to make turn them into an extended version of high-speed boosting cylinders.

Here, it is important to understand that it is very difficult to precisely calculate and predict an accurate speed of an air cylinder. There are many factors that can affect the speed of a boosting cylinder, thus impossible to pinpoint and gather data for each influencing factor. However, for a better and durable performance, we always suggest to set the speed of cylinders at high-speed and then slowly lower down the speed through the speed control valve.

Factors to consider during the design phase of High-speed boosting cylinders

  1. Supply of Air Pressure

It is important to understand and gauge the pressures that a machine can throw on a cylinder. Get to know about your machine’s pressure levels, this will help in buying a high-speed boosting cylinder that is suitable for the machine type. The size of the cylinder is designed to perfectly align and work with the machine or application.

  1. Piping and Size of the Valve

Any resistance in the flow inside piping and valves can leave a visible effect on the speed of the cylinder. It is important to control the resistance to ensure that it doesn’t affect the speed of the cylinder. Make sure that all your machine’s pipes and valves are clear for the seamless flow and working of a boosting cylinder.

  1. Piston Area of the Cylinder

You must select the right high-speed boosting cylinder with an enough piston area to equally match with the load resistance at different pressures.

Factors to consider while increasing the speed of the cylinder   

If your high-speed boosting cylinder reduces its speed or show abnormally low cycling speed and errors in bearing loads or pressure, then we suggest doing a number of steps to regain the high-speed of the boosting cylinder.

  1. Check your valves and piping to see if there is anything stuck in them that may have caused a reduced speed.
  2. Replace the lines that are joining the cylinder to valve with a comparatively larger pipe.
  3. Install a reliable, heavy duty exhaust valve directly with the boosting cylinder port.

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