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High Productivity with All-stages Boosting Cylinder

When we think or talk about boosters, we usually refer to it as a pressure enhancer or compressor that allows you to setup and maintain pressures of an application. A reliable boosting cylinder can streamline and solve your daily task, no matter which industry or industrial application it may be used for. However, before starting off with any of the boosting cylinders you must understand the type and whether if it fits in with your application’s requirements or not.

We produce boosters that align with diverse industries and their application’s requirements. Our boosting cylinders are focused on delivering efficiency and high-performance throughout their use. Let’s say, as an example, you buy a specified boosting cylinder for industrial drilling machine, it will enable your application to drill efficiently at a high-speed without overheating and thus subsequently reduce the cost of drilling per meter and enhance the overall profitability factor. This is the kind of boosting cylinders that we provide to our clients.

Talking about an All-stage boosting cylinder, it is designed and built with the highest quality materials and safety standards to ensure higher productivity at lower costs. If you belong to the industry containing the operations like bending, printing, press-in, punching, extrusion, forging, pressing, cutting, and riveting, then without any doubt, It’s a kind of boosting cylinder that you need. It provides the double boosting force and has a simple piston cylinder structure.  These cylinders come in handy for pushing, pressing, forging and press-in options. It also provides corrosion protection both inside and outside of the application. They can bear an extra load of 3% apart from its standard capacity. Our multi-stage boosting cylinders are made with steel cylinder base, i.e. to provide maximum strength and stability.

Size and weight matters!

The size of a boosting cylinder plays a major role in the efficient working of any application. Considering the importance, we provide reduced sizes and lightweight options in different All-stage boosting cylinder (fluid, air or gas). They are designed to fit in with most of the industrial applications, easy to install and hold pressures up to thousands of psi. Our all-stage or multistage boosting cylinders increases your application’s productivity and offers maximized safety.

All-stage boosting cylinder – tailored for industrial applications

Although, our manufactured all-stage boosting cylinders are designed to meet the numerous industrial applications, however, if you still need to have the customized boosting cylinders, we provide those services as well. Upon official request, we design and manufacture multistage boosting cylinders for your industrial applications and/or the machines. In all-stage boosting cylinders, you can switch it from two-stage mode to single-stage mode, enhancing the flow by up to 40% at once. Our customized range of boosting cylinders comes with an inlet pressure of 35 bars which helps in maximizing the productivity by 30% or even downsize it depending on your application’s requirements.

High Productivity and Flexibility 

The most frequently bought all-stage boosting cylinder is a great one-stop solution for most of the industrial applications. It comes packed with flexibility, productivity, and versatility. Our all-stage boosting cylinders also come with digital control system where you can control the settings for flow and pressure control, along with the valves that can turn on and off automatically as per requirements. They also have two gauges for convenient monitoring of pressure. Furthermore, it also provides a visible emergency stop option with visual alarm warnings and signals. In other words, we have designed the all-stage boosting cylinders to match the flow and pressure with application requirements by cylinder configuration (by keeping in view the safety measures).

Final Thoughts

We are committed to providing quality products to our valuable customers. We are constantly working to produce boosting cylinders that comply with your industrial futuristic needs without compromising on environmental and safety principles. Please feel free to contact us for any queries that you may have. We look forward to serve you with the best of our capabilities.







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