Knowing the important bits of High-Speed Boosting Cylinder

Properly sizing the actuator help in enhancing the performance of a high speed boosting cylinder. The engineers designing the high speed boosting cylinder should consider all the factors, such as the offset loads, required force and various safety factors. The designers should always prefer right-sized units instead of oversized cylinders as they consume a lot of air and increases the cost of operation in the long term. But under sizing must be done according to the force required by the cylinder, because if the cylinder is not properly undersized, then the performance of the high speed boosting cylinder degrades.

Various software tools are being used by the manufacturer in order to simplify the selection process of the cylinder. This helps in improving the overall accuracy and helps you in choosing the right cylinder for your high speed boosting cylinder.

If you require high forces, then the single acting cylinders are the best alternative. The single acting cylinders are suitable for the loads which are to be moved and then held at a position for a significant amount of time. These single acting cylinders are very suitable for simple breaks and complex material handling the task.

The capacity of the high speed boosting cylinder is partially based on the air pressure available to them, as the cylinder should perform this task with a little bit of spare capacity. If a designer wants to get an adequate amount of output from the high speed boosting cylinder, then he must use a large bore size or must use different cylinder styles.

Most of the engineers choose the cylinder not only on the basis of their force capacity, but they also take care of the actuators as it must support the load. And if the actuator is not able to handle the load, then it might lead to a lot of problems. There are two factors that will help an engineer to determine the bending moment capacity of a cylinder, they are the strength of the rod to resist deflection and the ability of the linear bearing to support the load.

Boosting force

Sometimes the operating parameters change as the application subsequently requires greater force than a cylinder can produce. And after this, it is not advisable to redesign the machine as it is not a good option. But the engineers can retrofit the cylinder with a booster as it will help the cylinder to provide additional power to the existing under-performing machine.

There are three situations when a booster provides extra force:

  • When a heavy-duty application is being performed, it requires a lot of force which is beyond the capacity of the cylinder.
  • When the plants do not have adequate air pressure.
  • There is a pressure loss due to the problem in the design.

The air pressure is very important for a high speed boosting cylinder. If there is a problem with the size of the actuator then it can be managed if a lot of air pressure is available.

The high speed boosting cylinder can compensate for the loss in pressure. The pressure generally drops during the peak period and at this point of time, the high-speed thin cylinders play a very vital role.

By keeping in mind all the factors, Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co. Ltd. helps the industrialists by producing such boosting cylinder that provides the efficient results and enhance the performance of the high speed boosting cylinder.






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