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Premium Quality Boosting cylinders with Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd

“Committed to providing reliable, efficient and high-quality boosting cylinders as per the current market trends”

Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd is proud to announce the launch of its series of new products with the aim to cater the industrial application needs. As per the Top Management Officials of the said company, the range of new products includes Standard Boosting cylinders, High-Speed Boosting cylinders, and All-stages Boosting cylinders which are the present day need of the modern technology based machinery and applications.

Kun Shan Youjixain machinery Co., Ltd is committed to providing quality boosting cylinders of different types, specifically for industries that use air, oil and air-to-oil pressure boosting cylinders in their industrial applications. They also offer an extensive range of other products including, supercharges, multi-power cylinders, all-in-one operating systems and other ideal products for industrial and commercial use.

Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd has been in business since 2017 and within a period of only one year, it has maintained strict quality measures and have gained loyal customers from all around the globe. Their potential clients in different countries include Singapore, India, France, and the USA. They have set high standards for their products which are sold at economical rates.

The company is all set to launch their range of new products which are of their kinds. So far, industries have been using hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, whereas Kun Shan Youjixain machinery Co., Ltd has brought a unique set of new types of boosting cylinders for the clients. The Boosting cylinders that are set to be launched within a few weeks are faster than hydraulic cylinders, remains stable during the use and are more stable than a pneumatic cylinder. The expert engineers and the design team claim that, “Our boosting cylinders can be set up easily and require low-maintenance”.

Unlike hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder, the company promises to deliver efficient, and noise-free operations of their boosting cylinders. Additionally, boosting cylinders made under the umbrella of Kun Shan Youjixain machinery Co., Ltd produces better high-pressure output results.

These boosting cylinders are the next reliable products you would want in your industries without compromising on the quality. The company has its own RTO, which makes it unique as it researches and develops products following a futuristic approach and needs of industries.

You can find more information about their products and services at They have a very easy-to-understand information guides for their readers and interested customers. You can also contact them for price quotes at or

Future Approach

Considering the continuously developing business, Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to expand its capacity and new product lines in order to provide technologically advanced products and systems to the clients. The company has strategic plans which include an expected extension of doubling its turnover by 2020 and grow at a higher compound growth rate each year through delivering the highest quality boosting systems to the customers all around the world.

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