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Reliable and Efficient Air-driven All-stages Boosting Cylinder

Industries require reliable and efficient boosting cylinder for an error-free performance of applications. Thereof, manufacturers around the world design and produce compatible, heavy duty and durable boosting cylinders. For the convenience of industrial use, highly productive All-stage boosting cylinders are manufactured. There are different types and forms of the cylinder including standard boosting cylinder, high-speed boosting cylinder, etc., whereas all-stage boosting cylinders works like a charm among all.

The mechanical dynamics of our All-stage boosting cylinders ensures high-pressure application performance at low flows. They are ideal for pressure-boosting machines, water circulations along with reverse osmosis system. All our multi-stage boosting cylinders are made with stainless steel. It offers a maximum pressure of 94 psi with a maximum case pressure at 375 psi on all applications. It has a 6 stage working process with continuous duty thus ensuring that no break occurs in the flow. The air vent, spring chamber, the piston and the seals are designed and arranged in a specialized architectural framework, which delivers maximum output for bending, printing, press-in, punching, extrusion, forging, pressing, cutting, and riveting.

All-stages boosting cylinders are also referred as multistage boosting cylinders. As a buying customer, it is important to know and understand these terms as they help in dealing with the manufacturers. Additionally, the most frequently adapted All-stages boosting cylinders are often air-driven and are also called as air pressure amplifiers. If you run an industry, then you should know about which series or model of an All-stages boosting cylinder would suit the industrial applications. One important point to consider is that, the applications more often require differently designed boosting cylinders. However, we suggest that before ordering any boosting cylinder for the application, you must inquire about its specifications and see if it aligns with your requirements or not. This would help you in saving your time and money.

All-stages air driven boosting cylinder – your one-stop solution

Having an All-stages boosting cylinder can keep you away from regular maintenance issues and doesn’t bother when an extra pressure of force is required by the application. This boosting cylinder is built with premium quality materials and designed to deliver high performance as compared to rest of the boosting cylinders. A Worker or an authorized operator maintaining this booster can control its pressure to as low as 5 psi and increase it to thousands of psi without affecting the application’s performance. Unlike standard boosting cylinders, they are designed to perform multiple options at a time without having the application or machine operator to change or alter the boosting cylinder every time. The specific air-driven All-stage boosting cylinders uses air for motive force, this means that it doesn’t specifically require any lubrication or electricity to work properly. Additionally, All-stage boosting cylinders are carefully designed with no explosion risks. They are easy to install and economical when it comes to pricing. It’s a one-stop solution for all industrial applications.

Safety factor and control of discharge pressure

Kun Shan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd is a registered trademark that has been providing exceptional, durable and high-performance boosting cylinders to different industries. Considering the All-stage boosting cylinder, we make sure to maintain safety measures and allow different control options. The boosters are designed with a 4:1 safety factor to ensure that no threat occurs within and around the working area. The question is that how can you control the discharge pressure of All-stage boosting cylinder? For your convenience, the booster comes with an inbuilt regulator which allows you to control the discharge pressure at minimum-maximum as per application’s requirements.

Final Thoughts

If you may have any additional questions, please contact us for further information. We also offer special rates on bulk orders and have numerous available options for different All-stages boosting cylinders.







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