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Tips for enhancing boosting cylinder performance

Fluid power produced through boosting cylinders is most often used in different industrial applications. Most of the boosting cylinders are made to fit in with regular industrial applications. Our manufactured boosting cylinder helps in pressing, bending, modifying, cutting and riveting. Thus, ensuring that all applications align perfectly with the application’s requirements. However, there are reliable manufacturing companies across the globe that provides customized boosting cylinders in terms of size, design, and capacity as per client’s requirements. Most of the boosting cylinders are built with heat resistance aspects and provides wide-range non-stage adjustment options.

Before purchasing, a question comes in mind that how can you make sure that your boosting cylinder performs efficiently for a longer period of time? Well, there are a lot of factors that you can keep in mind and work on to receive an upgraded performance on a continuous basis. To keep you aligned with your cylinder’s needs and regular maintenance, we have jotted down a number of tips for you. These tips will help you in increasing and upgrading the performance of a boosting cylinder.

Useful tips to get you started with increasing your boosting cylinder performance

Before moving forward with the tips, we would like to briefly state the advantages of having a durable boosting cylinder for your industrial applications. The advantages include, i.e. they offer quick, simple and accurate control over the velocity and force factors, delivers a constant pressure to the application for a maintained performance, and above all, boosting cylinders with fluid-power setups reduces the explosion risks to almost zero percent. Let’s get started with the tips now, read below and get along.

Tip 1 – Size matters

Before investing in a boosting cylinder, let’s presume that you are buying the cylinders in bulk for different applications of the same requirements. You simply do not need to spend money on cylinders that don’t fit with your applications. That’s why we always recommend on consulting with the manufacturing firm beforehand with all your application’s specifications and sizes. This will help you to get a required size for the application. You can also ask for customized boosting cylinder and get them made exactly as per the application’s requirements such as style, size, and pressure holding factors.

Tip 2 – Keep a check on boosting force

In some cases, the operating parameters of an application changes after the cylinder are up and running and thus, it subsequently requires more force or pressure than a regular cylinder can produce. A limited supply of force can affect the performance of the application and damage the boosting cylinder as well. In such a situation, it is recommended to attach an extra booster to the cylinder. It will prove to be a great way to provide additional power that the application requires.

Tip 3 – Retrofit design issue and solution

You may face an issue while adding an extra booster to the cylinder because of space and capacity issues. So, if Tip number 2 doesn’t help out, you can then use another available option, i.e. you can stack up numerous pistons within the same bore to create extra space for an additional booster. This process is also referred as a Tandem cylinder setup.

Final Thoughts!

If you belong to the industry where the cutting, bending or the pressing operations are the core procedures, then you will have to believe that our boosting cylinders designed to reshape the future industrial trends. We can provide you with more information about our boosting cylinders and their designs, style, and capacities. If you have any queries or questions then feel free to get in touch with us.







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