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What is a boosting cylinder

A boosting cylinder is also referred as an intensifier. It helps in increasing the flow of a fluid, usually used in industrial applications. It is also known as a pressure intensifier.

Structural Framework:

       The basic structure of the Boosting cylinder includes the below mentioned parts, which maintains the fluid flow at the optimum level, hence providing a significant output for the operations including the bending, printing, press-in, punching, extrusion, forging, cutting, and riveting

  1. Front Piston
  2. Primary Seat
  3. Primary and Secondary check valves
  4. Secondary stem, seat, bore and the piston
  5. Primary piston
  6. Reaction piston

It is quite necessary to operate the boosting cylinder (in order to get the work with maximum efficiency) with the oil pressure that is relatively low. While operating the boosting cylinder, it is to be kept in view that if the ‘minimum operating pressure’ is higher, the fast feed motion may not work well. The minimum pressure to operate the boosting cylinder is 0.15 MPa, or even slightly less than that.

How does it work?

A boosting cylinder uses low-pressure fluids to develop a higher-pressure fluid in a smaller quantity for commercial and industrial applications. There are some standard boosting cylinders that are used for day-to-day activities in different applications. There are different types of boosting cylinders available in the market and each represents a different working mechanism.

Types of Boosting Cylinders

A boosting cylinder can be found in three diverse classes; oil-oil, air-oil, and air-air. In most of the industries, air to oil boosting cylinders are used frequently with different ratios ensuring that they are suitable for both low and high-pressure industrial applications. They are used for different works such as pressing, bending, forging and extrusion.

The other names and types of boosters refer to as hydraulic boosters and gas boosters, which usually comes in combination with air are.

  1. Hydraulic Boosting Cylinders

Hydraulic boosters are designed to maintain different levels of high pressure for longer durations without compromising on the performance, using any extra power or overheating the circuits of the application. Furthermore, the fluids are released upon demand from the cylinder and do not overflow with fluids. They are easy to control through simple levers and inbuilt push buttons. These hydraulic boosting cylinders have the tendency to multiply the force of fluids without affecting the application. It can effectively multiply the fluid from a fraction of a pound to hundreds of tons of output.

  1. Gas Boosting Cylinders

Gas boosting cylinders are designed to be plumbed for the ‘inert gas’ or hundreds and thousands of hazard gases in multiple boosting units. Gas boosting cylinders are regularly used in different commercial and industrial sectors. They are highly durable, secure and reliable for use in many applications. Such boosting cylinders are considered as ideal for an increase in gas pressures of different industrial gases. They are designed to produce high-level of pressure up to 39,000 psi. Considering their design and performance, they are best suited for high-pressure gas transference, charging of cylinders, and scavenging. Some of the applications for which they can be utilized are mentioned below

  1. Hydrogen Fueling
  2. Argon Cooling
  3. Air Start Systems
  4. Pressure Testing
  5. Charging of refrigerants
  6. Actuation of values

There are many other numerous applications for which these gas boosting cylinders can be used.

Choosing a gas cylinder

Our gas boosting cylinders are designed and produced in different styles considering the actual needs of industries. The most frequently used configurations that we offer are single and two-stage boosting cylinders. The design, size, and style of each boosting cylinder also depend on the flow requirements of an application and gas pressure needs.

All our gas boosting cylinders and systems comes with safety options in order to ensure the safety standards for the officials or workers while operating our manufactured gas boosting cylinders. We offer basic safety accessories including the ‘gas receivers’ and ‘remote pilot switches’ to meet your specific safety requirements.  Some of other important aspects that a boosting cylinder provides are:

  • It doesn’t spread any pollution, quite in application and ensures no over-heating.
  • Comes in a wide-range and non-stage adjusting option
  • Has a simple structure with small volume – does not cover extra space
  • It helps in saving energy up to 90%

The future prospects:

In order to bring efficiency in the industries where the bending, printing, press-in, punching, extrusion, forging, cutting, and riveting are the core operating processes, boosting cylinders are proved to be quite efficient in bringing the accuracy in the said processes. In other words, the Boosting Cylinders manufactured by the Kunshan Youjiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd are committed to change the market trends by bringing a reasonable accuracy and efficiency to meet the future industrial needs.

If you want to get some additional information or need a customized boosting cylinder, kindly feel free to contact us. Our team will get back to you with expert advice and guidance.







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